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Step #2: ClickFunnels
Your business will not only run in ClickFunnels, but ClickFunnels will be the first product that you learn to promote! Don't worry. If you follow the steps you should have ClickFunnels paid for before your free trial even ends.
Before moving forward, it is important that you take the clickfunnels 14 day trial. without this, you can't progress  because we'll be using done for you high converting funnels to make $5000 by end of this month, and in the next step, all these funnels will be loaded into your clickfunnels account 100% free.

Step #3: Claim Your Site/Funnel
Make sure you are logged into your ClickFunnels account in the same browser you are in right now. Then click the button below and watch the entire business funnel appear in your ClickFunnels account.
Step #4: Get Your FREE Domain
ClickFunnels gives you a free domain name (website name). Who doesn't love free stuff ?! Follow the video instructions to claim and set up your free domain.

If you already have an email address that matches your domain (example: you can move on. Otherwise you need to follow these two steps. This is probably the hardest part of setting up your business.

Sign up for a Gsuite account (use the email address you desire and the domain you just set up (for example:
Follow the directions ClickFunnels provides for setting up your email address.
Step #5: Sign Up for Your e-Mail Autoresponder
Option 1: Use your current autoresponder. Download emails, setup manually.

Option 2: (Preferred) Sign up for Aweber using the button below, and then automatically import the email automations using the Aweber 
Automation Code.
Aweber Automation Code awlist4203288-ed241-$F
Copy & Paste the Aweber code, wait for 2 minutes and this will load 
the entire email automation for you, if for any reason this doesn't 
work, then you'll have to do this manually.

 click here to get the emails if you're going to do this manually.

Advance Training - Integrate Aweber With Clickfunnels & Landing Page 
Set Up
How to connect the dots with Aweber and clickfunnels and set up your landing page to start building a list
Step #6: Sign Up for MORE Affiliate Programs (FREE)
Yes, you will also be making money off four other businesses besides ClickFunnels. Watch the $$$$$$$ roll in!
Step #7: Final Setup Step (most important)
I almost forgot this step and I would have gotten in big trouble :) 
Your Business is Complete!
If you are having issues in setting up this entire money making business box, or you are lacking time and
would like to hire someone to do everything for you, then email me at  and
I'll set this entire money making business box for you for a one time payment of just $147
Next we need to run traffic to our offers. This simply means we need to send people to our product (this funnel) so they can start the process and we can get commissions!
Solo Ad Training
Solo ads are where you connect with people who have large lists of email addresses, and you pay them to send an email about your offer to a certain portion of their list. Typically you pay about 45-50 cents per person that they send over to your offer.
Instagram Training Part 1
Quickly build an Instagram following while automating the entire process or reaching out to people and telling them about your business. Worth a little $$ each month?
Instagram Training Part 2
Setting up automations
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